10 signs you need a virtual assistant

10 signs you need a virtual assistant

You know you are busy, you are aware that you are working a lot, does it feel worth it? Can you keep up with the more basic demands? Is admin taking a back seat? It won’t just go away and you haven’t got the time or energy to keep on top of it? Outsource it to someone who has. You might have a cleaner, gardener, childminder, accountant, IT guy, PT, business coach, financial advisor, having a VA as part of your business team is the same thing. You might call upon these experts regularly or on an ad-hoc basis, but they help you to get where you want to go and do what you need to do.


  1. Overwhelmed at work

Not enough hours in the week to keep on top of the daily, weekly and monthly. Jobs not being checked off the to-do list and hanging around for weeks until they become critical? Are you missing out on opportunities because you are stuck behind the laptop?


  1. Follow ups aren’t happening

Struggling to follow up with potentials you have met and to nurture your current audience, you don’t want these leads to go cold.


  1. You are spending time on repetitive tasks

You might have a standard email you send to certain enquiries, data entry updates which happen every week or month, or other tasks that you know like the back of your hand, but your time could be better spent elsewhere, had the tasks over.


  1. You are not able to think about the future, you are stuck in the now

Unable to focus on business growth, pursue new opportunities and give the future plans some thought? Can you map out your 30 day, 60 day, 90 day plan and execute it by yourself?


  1. Unable to keep on top of technology, software and skills

There might be new, more efficient ways of doing things, have you got time to keep on top of your game and everything else business-related?


  1. Your inbox is controlling you

You might have more than one inbox, or more than one business, you might just have one inbox with emails bursting at the seams. You might not have been filing emails, you might be guilty of marking as unread to come back to it, or just deleting a stack full of junk email every day instead of filtering or unsubscribing.


  1. Struggling to fit in your personal life and personal time is shrinking

You will know if you are missing personal commitments, time for yourself, downtime or you are there in body but with your phone or business on your brain. When did you last have a day off? A whole one?!


  1. You need a holiday!

Whether it’s a week long break away, a weekend city break or attending a family wedding, we all need a break. There is no doubt the temptation is there to check your emails by the pool or pick up calls while you are in a beachside bar.


  1. You don’t have the budget for permanent employees.
  2. You don’t have space in your office for a permanent employee.
Handover tips...

Outsourcing to a VA

  1. Share your inbox - easy in office 365/Outlook and Gmail inboxes.
  2. Shared drive access - to access your files and store new files for you.
  3. Loom video - if you’d like to show how something is currently done, record it on screen.
  4. Zoom calls - can do the above too, as well as let you have video calls sharing a screen live.
  5. Lastpass - you don’t need to share your passwords.


Having the support of a Virtual Assistant can make all the difference to your day, week and month. You can achieve so much more and use your time wisely and effectively, in terms of cost and not working all the hours that you are awake. The perfect solution to having a team, someone to delegate to, a VA is a freelance PA, so no recruitment agency fees, pensions and policies. You can agree a financial budget or a number of hours for which you would like VA support, on a weekly or monthly basis.

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