15 ways in which a VA can help you with your website

15 ways in which a VA can help you with your website

All VA’s have a different skill set, some are bookkeeping experts, some diary management and inbox management wizards, others are quite techie on IT systems, websites and so on. When I say help with your website, I am referring to the day to day, the skills that aren’t at developer level, although there are VA's out there who can build you a website and provide hosting and so on.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, some have e-commerce functions, others are built in ‘easy to use’ platforms which means they can’t do things you might expect them to do, others are just as you’d love them to be in a Wordpress format - we all know Wordpress right? Maybe not.

A VA can help you with your website by…

1. Getting the ducks in a row

Your website may have just been sat there in the background whilst you’re beavering away, if you haven’t invested any time in it and no problems have arisen making it a priority let your VA play catch up for you.

Who has access rights? At what level?

Who makes the updates?

What are the SLA’s?

Who is hosting the site?

What is the site goes down on a Sunday afternoon?

Who bought the domains? When do they run out?

Are the updates being made?

What is the rate or fee being paid?

Are the updates and security maintenance taking place?

Are there new updates or additions which can be purchased since the website was first built?

Who is the current contact at the web /account manager at the host/developer’s organisation?

2. Checking contact details are up to date

No use if they are wrong.

3. Updating Events pages

Keeping this update with a nice brief synopsis and booking link couldn’t be easier, if you don't have the time for it, pass this easy to do task to your VA.

4. Updating the blog

See my previous blog ‘8 ways a Virtual Assistant can help you with your blog’

5. Organising and archiving posts

You may have a tonne of old material on the site - downloads of old brochures, blogs which are no longer relevant. Work your way through and then ask your VA to manage the activity.

6. Social links

Has a new channel been released since you got started or have you binned off Pinterest? A VA can make sure social media links are correct? Icons set up? Any to be removed?

7. Proofread the site

Whether your site hosts part numbers or product descriptions, or a vast quantity of written text, a second pair of eyes will usually identify some mistakes somewhere.

8. Add frequently asked questions

If you find you get asked the same questions time and time again, ask your VA to add some FAQs.

9. Check technical data

If you are selling products where specs might occasionally change due to new supplier or a new model as your VA to carry out a thorough check.

10. Check pricing

This can be crucial, whether your business is B2C or B2B, if your pricing changes regularly share this timescale with your VA who can bulk upload or just check that whoever else instructed to carry out the price change has done. Avoiding any disgruntled customers or avoidable time and cost consuming activities.

11. Remove/replace/refresh

Outdated service offerings or out of stock products can cause problems when dealing with enquiries and lead to the wrong impression instead of conversion. This can apply to imagery to, if a product has changed colour, texture, or a slight tweak as your VA to make the necessary updates.

12. Imagery

Searching for new stock imagery or briefing a photographer on capturing new imagery, including arranging the shoot, location and props.

13. Check forms and downloads

Are they actually working? When is the last time you checked?

14. Where do your web enquiries go?

Direct them to an Inbox which your VA can access and respond to, or signpost as necessary.

15. Research suppliers

If you are looking to set up a new site, or refresh what you have, a VA can happily work with an existing supplier or help you to find a new one that might work better for your business. VAs make a lot of contacts along their journey and don’t forget they often have their own website. 

A virtual assistant can help you to develop a content calendar relevant to other marketing activities, plan changes or additions to your website, project manage the build of a new site, search for experts in SEO and e-commerce or chat bot. Let your VA help to keep you and your website on track.

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