All the tabs are open!

All the tabs are open!

How do you know when you are mega busy?

  1. You forget to take lunch.
  2. You say “is it 3 o’clock already?”
  3. And “hasn’t this week gone quickly.”
  4. The to-do list hasn’t shrunk as much as you need it to, in fact it might have grown.
  5. You have all the tabs open, as many tabs as your poor laptop can handle.

What can you do about being mega busy?

You might not have a team to hand in the office to support you, in fact you may never have needed a team before. You might even be wondering how long the busy period might last and you wouldn’t want to have a member of staff to pay if the client work goes quiet.

Solution alert!

Da-nar! How about talking to a Virtual Assistant (like me)? Virtual Assistants come in many shapes and sizes, with all sorts of skills and backgrounds. I, for one, have a background in marketing, which not only encompasses desirable skills like social media and marketing but also all the lovely problem solving and admin stuff. I have managed teams, budgets, projects and inboxes! Excel, Word, Google Suite, PowerPoint and all the usual office stuff. I must confess I love a bit of admin! That’s enough about me though, let’s get back to you.

How can a Virtual Assistant like me, help a business owner like you?

Well let me explain… a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you get cracking on projects which haven’t been forthcoming in the cracking dept. A VA can help with the stuff you don’t like doing, the tasks that are frankly a chore and boring for you, might be just the job a VA likes to do which brings them joy! And what better than taking a few tasks off the to-do list and handing them to someone else to take care of? We all have our skill sets and strengths, pass the baton on the items which you struggle with or just can’t afford to give your undivided attention as you prioritise client activities over the behind the scenes stuff (which isn’t getting done).

The Virtual in Virtual Assistant - how can that work?

Now the sometimes suspicious, micromanaging, control freaks of the corporate world (we all know one!) might not be a fan of working from home as they are of the mindset that homeworkers are hanging up the washing, watching the TV and walking the dog. Freelancers can’t afford to do that! I am not saying the employed do indeed do that, I actually find it much easier to knuckle down and concentrate away from office chatter, the temptation of the vending machine gossip and the visitors that pop into the office that we all have to shake hands with. I digress. The point is, apart from the freelancers are getting paid by the hour, on the clock so to speak, we are business owners too. We want happy clients that come back to us, so it is not in my interest to avoid the laptop.

Several great things about the modern world which make it simple for VA’s to work with small business owners are:

  1. WhatsApp - if your inbox is jam packed, you can quickly share info via WhatsApp on the move or even voice notes for speed.
  2. Zoom - catching up face to face can be invaluable, saving the planet and having catch ups is all the more possible with Zoom and its wonderful screen sharing feature.
  3. DropBox - Sharing files is made simple from one person to another.

Much of what we all do is internet and cloud based, delegating access on software or securely sharing access via a Password tool like LastPass means your Virtual Assistant can easily get stuck into their to-do list whilst you crack on with yours.

So, have a think about what tasks you...

  1. Don’t know how to do
  2. Don’t like doing
  3. Don’t know who can do it for you
  4. Could be doing better
  5. Would be more financially viable for a VA to do, than reducing the time you spend with clients, sales, speaking, the money making stuff.

The world of technology opens many doors for the client - VA relationship, from inbox management - yes someone else can manage the spam, reply to initial emails, send info requests and flag up the priority emails for you, to updating the content on your website.

I personally operate on a time tracking basis, so every task or call related to your business which I perform is noted and timed. I supply this with the monthly invoice so you can see what has been achieved and how much time you have saved yourself!

If you’d like to hear more about how I can help you with a project or in the long term please get in touch, and for goodness sake please close some of those tabs!!!

About Virtual Executive Services MK

Virtual Executive Services MK is a Virtual Assistant service based in Milton Keynes, supporting clients across the UK. Specialising in admin, marketing and social media support for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Find out more.

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