How can a Virtual Assistant help with Events?

How can a Virtual Assistant help with Events?

Events are often a short term project where you need a helping hand to create your blueprint for a series of events, plan and run a single event, or maybe you are collaborating and need help to hold up your end of the deal. Events are the perfect opportunity for your business to bring on board a freelance Virtual Assistant who can help you see the process through from start to finish. An extra pair of hands will afford you the time to focus on preparing for and delivering your role at the event; speaking, hosting, giving out awards, whilst a Virtual Assistant can take care of the details which bring the whole thing together for you. 

Very important

Important point 1: Make sure you add a Virtual Assistant into your Events budget! From planning, to supporting on the night (depending on the location of your VA - if he or she is in the USA and you are in London, maybe not so cost effective) a Virtual Assistant can keep the preparation going, whether its checking an inbox for responses and enquiries to working with the venue and suppliers on your behalf.


Christmas parties, workshops, product launches, team building events. Where do you start? How many people have you got? Where are they all based? How can you get them there? What do they need to be doing? Are you feeding and watering them? Following me so far...? Are they staying over? Are they bringing partners? Do they need pen and paper? How are you inviting them? Is there a dress code? Still going... Are there menu choices? Dietary requirements? I will stop now!

Over the years I have supported with big events and small events, internal events and client facing events, from breakfast workshops in London to annual conferences in Milton Keynes.

There has been drumming, the hakka, paddle boats, river cruises, dinner and discos, open events, exhibitions across the UK and Germany, tradeshows, corporate conferences with multiple simultaneous breakout workshops, a family fun day with inflatables, product launches and tonight, a summer styling event. I am not showing off, and obviously I didn't do all of these on my own, but played an instrumental role, even in checking passports were in date - one wouldn't have been if I hadn't flagged it up!

How can a Virtual Assistant help with events?

Personally, I am here to help when it comes to small events. The to-do list can be pretty endless as I have demonstrated, here is an idea of just a few tasks perfect to pass to a VA, most tasks can be performed remotely, or workarounds if they are not).

✔ Searching for a venue/creating a shortlist
✔ Viewing venues (can be shortlisted and passed to a local colleague to check, take photos, but questions like - do the blinds go down, is there a projector, where are the loos can all be answered remotely)
✔ Searching for catering suppliers
✔ Arranging food and drink with venue
✔ Securing and booking technical equipment (projectors, sound, lighting)
✔ Couriers/shipping of products and exhibition stands
✔ Sourcing PAT testing for exhibition equipment
✔ Printing goody bags, pop up stands etc
✔ Sourcing items for goody bags
✔ Sourcing branded promotional items
✔ Stuffing goody bags
✔ Sourcing promo staff
✔ Booking and briefing photographers and videographers
✔ Arranging press interviews, case studies and video testimonials schedule
✔ Booking and briefing speakers, entertainers
✔ Editing powerpoint presentations
✔ Overseeing running on the day
✔ Compiling running order and contact details for the day/evening
✔ Delegate badges
✔ Delegate check-in
✔ Email invitations
✔ Sign up forms
✔ Food preferences forms
✔ Workshop preference booking forms
✔ Checking on catering throughout day/evening
✔ Organising refreshment vouchers
✔ Organising games/quizzes
✔ Travel arrangements/booking coaches/taxis
✔ Accommodation arrangements
✔ Stuffing goody bags
✔ Overseeing print of programs
✔ Overseeing room set up and briefing venue
✔ Feedback form creation
✔ Follow up/thank you emails
✔ Event/promo clothing
✔ Ensuring budget is adhered to
✔ Co-ordinating payment of all costs/tracking against quotes/PO ✔Requesting collaborations
✔ And handing out goody bags!

Anything else you might need? Magician? Red carpet? Programs? Cocktails?

A Virtual Assistant is a great option if you have an event project or a series of events, maybe a roadshow that you need someone to take care of just some, or all of the workload to get the job done.

If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch. I am based in the Milton Keynes area and I am familiar with many of the local venues, from barns to ballrooms and lecture theatres to classrooms.

I would love to have the opportunity to help you.

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