Increase productivity with the help of a Virtual Assistant

Increase productivity with the help of a Virtual Assistant

Traditionally a small business, an office environment, would employ someone within the office to take care of the admin. Maybe is the premises is customer facing, has a reception desk, deliveries being dropped off or customer collections this then makes sense. However, if you don't have surplus office space, a spare desk, a spare computer, extra phone, or the inclination to share your office with another human being a Virtual Assistant might be just what you need.

As you will know if you’ve looked into hiring a member of staff, there is more than just the cost of a salary attached. If you make your hire through a recruitment agency there will be a fee, as well as the wage to be paid. As mentioned you will need to kit the place out with furniture and technology, then there’s the HR side of things: contract of employment, health and safety, will they be able to be left in the office alone? will you need to be there to open up? plus pension, payslips, holiday pay, not to mention the facilities required. On top of this you might have the cost of licenses and software needed to do the job and any other stationery and what-not.

Why might you need an extra pair of hands?

  1. Are you up to date on your email inbox? 
  2. Are you up to date on your expenses?
  3. Have you forgotten about any appointments or follow ups lately?
  4. Are you missing any social/family occasions?
  5. Are you getting in late or staying up late to keep up?
  6. When did you last update your website?
  7. When did you last publish a blog?
  8. How up to date is your social media feed?
  9. When is the last time you updated working documents?
  10. When did you last up date your PowerPoint presentations?

Something to think about. You will need time and money to recruit a staff member, you need some assistance; the perfect option is to hire a Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is a business owner themselves, they know what it takes to run a business, what it means to support your business behind the scenes and how important it is to you.

A freelance Virtual Assistant has their own office, equipment, insurance, software licenses, and all the rest, the only cost is the rate you both agree is appropriate for the work carried out. No hidden costs, just an invoice on a weekly, monthly or project basis as initially arranged.

Video call, telephone calls, email and sometimes a shared inbox should be enough to keep the communication channels open. 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant allows you to do what you do best, whilst handing over tasks that can be taken care of in your absence, thus increasing your personal productivity and your business productivity. Imaging the feeling that your work is still getting done whilst you are sat in a meeting, travelling or attending a tradeshow or conference.

Is it time you considered hiring a Virtual Assistant for your small business?

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