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Turning Two

Just got a pop-up reminder that my Microsoft license is due for renewal which must mean one thing… my business birthday is coming, well, two things: Microsoft wants some more money from me!

Another year has gone by so I thought it might be time for a blog, it’s been a while. It’s been a busy year, for which I am grateful, I am fortunate to have some brilliant business-minded clients who haven’t let the pandemic get them down or stop them from doing what they do!

Where can you find me?

I am based in Milton Keynes, but being a virtual assistant means that location doesn't really matter? I have clients up and down the country who I work with on projects or a continued basis to provide support. You will usually find me at home working away or at a networking event in Milton Keynes, building up my contacts and relationships with people who can do things that I can’t, or on the school run parallel parking like a pro.

What do I know?

I have a degree in Business Studies with Marketing, I have spent 20 years building my career in marketing which has involved a little bit of everything from budget and project management, to supplier management, writing, creating content, using social media schedulers, CRM systems and email marketing tools.

Two years ago I would have been doing a distance learning course in business administration to make sure my skills are relevant and up to date. I also polished up a few skills in Google Digital Garage, took a minute taking course and every Friday at least, I watch a webinar or listen to a podcast to keep me on track.

What do I do?

Admin, marketing tactics, I help to make things happen, I am an implementer. I am all about solutions and not procrastination, I get things moving!! I am a VA, not a strategist or marketing and PR consultant, but I have a great foundation for working with your graphic designers, web developers, podcast editors, photographers and even your marketing experts.

Who do I work with?

You’ll see from my blogs I have worked with clients from an array of businesses and industries and that is what I like to do. Working with small business owners to be part of their success and help to make it happen is what I’m about. I am here to support, cheer on and help you keep that momentum in your business when there is just too much for you to keep juggling.

I work with businesses who are doing something to make things better for all of us from coaches and charities to wedding planners and home trades.

Let’s get personal

Two Loves:

Great coffee (I love a mocha).

If I could choose the best of the best marketing jargon it would be ‘surprise and delight.’ I am all about bringing and sharing joy, if it makes me laugh I am in. I worked at a marketing agency who ended their job specs with ‘be good and nice’, I like that.

Pet hates:

Horrible coffee.

These words and phrases: ‘lean in’, ‘double down’ and the worst one of all ‘leverage’ (ugh, more cheese please Gromit).

I am going to give myself three in this category because Coronavirus is really getting on my nerves.

Two favourite social channels

Facebook (I am old school and getting old, no Uni pics of me are on Facebook), Insta comes a close second, I love a carousel. LinkedIn seems to be getting a bit cooler (just me?) and I have no idea when I last Tweeted from my own account :/ Don't talk to me about TikTok - as I said, getting old.

Two Apps I use daily

Clockify. Love it. Tracking my time opened my eyes to what I was doing, not doing enough, doing too much and is great for pumping out an accurate client report.

Whats App. I love voice notes, I cannot remember life before them.

Two favourite things I have learned to use on my VA journey

Google Docs dictation in Tools. Brilliant.

Last Pass, thank goodness for Last Pass. As the meme goes; ‘I can remember my childhood telephone number but don’t ask me what the password was that I set up yesterday.’

Two other things new clients might like to know

I am a member of the Virtual Assistant society, I have professional indemnity insurance to make sure my business is compliant and straightforward to work with.


That's it from me at the end of my second business year, if you want to know more hit the contact button up top or DM me on social.


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