Why would I need a minute taking service?

Why would I need a minute taking service?

What makes minutes so important anyway? Can’t anyone in the business take them?

  • I have known auditors to request minutes
  • Meeting minutes can be used during disciplinary matters
  • Minutes can offer legal protection
  • Meeting minutes can keep things moving, ensuring progress
  • Reminds people of their actions and commitments to the business
  • Puts a time frame against actions for specific employees, teams or external partners
  • Provides structure
  • Logs why and how decisions are made
  • Provides useful and accurate communication for those stakeholders not able to attend a meeting

Why would I outsource minute taking?

It is important for the reasons above that minute taking is carried out properly, it isn't a skill usually taught in school, college or university.
Here are a few valid reasons in addition to this for outsourcing minute taking:

  • Independent/impartial note taking
  • Confidentiality
  • No-one in the meeting is distracted by taking minutes whilst trying to contribute
  • Accuracy of minutes
  • No-one is removed from their usual role or commitments

Joining you onsite for the below to take meeting minutes:

  • Board meetings
  • Team meetings
  • HR meetings/disciplinary hearings
  • Meetings with clients/stakeholders under sensitive circumstances
  • Operational/policy making meetings

What to expect:

  • Discuss and format/template preferences and timescales
  • Who can request amends and approve the final document
  • Receive any previous relevant notes/minutes
  • Discover who will chair the meeting
  • Attending your onsite/offsite meeting within the Milton Keynes area…
  • Agreed time and duration
  • Agenda
  • Meeting minutes are usually documented using a laptop or recorded by hand and submitted as a typed document.
  • Audio recordings can also be taken on request

Meeting minutes will be supplied as a Word Doc within 48 hours, which can then be returned for one set of edits within another 48 hours maximum (on a working day). Minutes are version controlled.

Included in the meeting minute documentation:

  • Name of organisation/group
  • Date/time/location of meeting
  • List of attendees and any external guests
  • Apologies/non attendees
  • Minutes from the last meeting
  • Discussion
  • Actions and agreed timescales
  • Proposed date for next meeting (where available)
  • Publish date of minutes

After the first draft is approved, all you’re left to do is distribute the minutes and book your minute taker back in for the next meeting.

Transcription services are also available, from video or audio.

The Virtual Assistant minute taking service can be supplied on an ad-hoc basis, paid by the hour plus travel expenses, on a pay as you go basis. Invoiced on completion on 7 day payment terms.

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