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Why we all need Google My Business

Hello! Welcome to my blog (or back again so soon?!) There are lots of articles you can read on this subject, but as I find myself regularly directing business owners to my Facebook feed where I have shared posts on it before, I thought it may be time to pop it on here to make it easier for everyone to find...

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool designed for business owners to be able to manage their business listing as it appears on Google.

Why would I want it for my small business?

You want Google to like you and help you.


Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day.
(Internetlivestats, 2019)

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average.
(Oberlo, 2020)


This will help your business to be found in Google searches and possibly going forward in voice search (Alexa, Siri etc). 

Whilst you might think everyone knows how to find you, after all you gave out 1000 business cards and added the entire world on LinkedIn, they still might want to do a little detective work.

The ‘for’ argument:

First point

It’s the first place someone might find you and you want them to click to your website/find directions/call your phone number or whatever it is that brings them closer to doing business with you. You’ve apparently got 5-20 touchpoints to negotiate with these days - so let’s make it past the first one.

Correct information

You can update it anytime. Opening hours, contact details, closed for Christmas, new service etc. Keep the info up to date and accurate, keep your clients happy, you might find your business already listed with missing info.

Claim your business

As I just mentioned, you might already see your business listed on there, make sure to claim it (so no-one else can).

It puts you on the map

Whether you are local (find my nearest) or you cover a specific geographical area. Again, it let’s people know where you all stand without using anyone’s precious time.


You can send your current clients/previous clients a direct link to send you a review. Adds to your credibility and helps potential customers make the decision to get in touch. Why not add the link to your email signature or make it part of your process to send the link to a client at the end of a project. Google will email you when someone leaves a review, this means you can post a timely and nice response.


Add what you do. Great for SEO (those internet searchers). 

Post content

Much like other social channels you can create posts, a Covid update, add video, photos, news to share. This allows potentials to take a look at your brand (do your values align?) and nudges them in the right direction - to go to your call to action. You can link posts to any URL - your homepage, blog, shop, social page.


Additionally, using the Insights tab you can also see stats on how many people click, view and how they find you. This will start to look different if you ever go down the road of using Google’s Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).

You can also download the app if you’d prefer to be able to add updates from your phone.


How do you set up Google My Business?

This is the point at which I will share a link, as these things often change and these people have a nice step by step guide.

Personally I am a big fan of the postcard method.

I would say the bare minimum is to get your GMB set up, shipshape and then next steps for investing your time would be to post regular updates, easy to do but not connected to any of the usual social media schedulers so it is a manual exercise.

Get cracking - this is a great Friday job!!


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